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Toyz World...

has been designing and sourcing fantastic toys for over 8 years providing children hours of fun with the latest toys and games from across the globe. Toyz world has a dedicated team to source the newest craze toys such as stunt scooters as well as kids trusted outdoor fun favourites. We also have a wide range of everyday toys and a fantastic range of Children's bedroom furniture including the Storm car bed

Stunt Scooters

If you’re new to the world of scooters, you might find yourself becoming a little overwhelmed by the pure volume of different types of scooters that are on the market now. From kids scooters to dirt scooters to stunt scooters and beginner scooters, the list becomes longer and longer as the scooter craze gets bigger and bigger. One thing is for sure though, if you have a child who is over the age of eight and they are looking for a scooter to perform a few tricks on and take down the local skate park, you should probably be looking in the direction of a stunt scooter. Stunt scooters are one of the most popular types of kids scooter and are specially designed with jump, bump and ramp action in mind. They are also ideal for both beginners and more advanced riders and are about the most fun you can have on two wheels!

Because stunt scooters are designed to take on the action of the skate park, they are made of more durable materials than your average kids scooter. They are also very lightweight and the more expensive ones come with metal core wheels to help withstand impact. However, if you have a younger child, you might look to choose a stunt scooter with plastic or nylon core wheels. Younger children weigh less and are unlikely to be performing extreme stunts so will be putting less pressure on the wheels. As they become more advanced it’s very easy to change the wheels whenever they like. Unlike other types of scooter, the bars on a stunt scooter are fixed into position and can’t be adjusted. This makes them safer to perform tricks and drops. For this reason, it’s a great idea to double check the height of the scooter you are buying to make sure it’s a good fit for your child. You’ll not only find different bar heights, you’ll also discover that stunt scooters come with different types of bar. Most beginner models come with a T bar, which is ideal for younger riders. However, you’ll also find most scooter brands carry models with a Y bar. The difference between a T bar and a Y bar is two additional bits of metal attached to the handles. These give more durability and strength but they make the scooter a bit heavier. Choosing the right bar type really does just depend on preference. So, if your little one is just starting out in the world of stunt scooters, don’t worry too much about bar type, concentrate on bar height and making sure the scooter is a good fit.

So, now we’ve sussed the stunt scooter make-up, how about learning to stop? All stunt scooters come with breaks as standard. The more expensive ones are generally fitted with flex breaks to help accuracy when performing tricks and you will usually find spring breaks on beginner stunt scooters. These are perfect for those who are staring out on the local skate park because they are nice and easy to use. Just what you need when performing your first ever ‘whiplash’! Because riders need stability when performing tricks, stunt scooters all usually come with rubber bar grips. These are ideal for safety and make the bars nice and easy to keep hold of, even when you’re flying through the air!

Now you’re a little more clued-up what’s what in the world of stunt scooters, you might be ready to begin the search for the perfect model for your own little scooter addict. Here at Toyz World we have a great range to choose from. If you’re looking for a stunt scooter for a beginner, look no further than one of our Storm stunt scooters. These are perfect for pulling-off some great stunt action and all come with front wheel reinforced steel alloy forks for amazing durability. They also come in a range of colours and deck designs so there is sure to be one that they will like. If your child is more experienced, check out the Slamm Outbreak Pro 2 Stunt Scooter. For a great value scooter, you’ll also find some amazing features including 360 degree swivel handlebars, metal core wheels, BMX grips and quick stop brake.

There are literally hundreds of scooters out there now so if you’re finding yourself going to and fro trying to choose the best one for your child, let us help you. We know scooters inside out so give us a call and we’ll answer any questions or queries you have with absolutely no obligation to buy. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Dirt Scooters

Dirt Scooters are newest type of scooter to join the two wheeled craze that is sweeping the country. Taking everything we know about scooters and raising it to a whole new level, dirt scooters are in a league of their own. Specially designed to deal with even the roughest of terrain, these tough scooters are constructed with incredibly strong aluminum frames. They are also built with heavy-duty over-sized wheels which allow you to take on areas that were previously too rough to ride, or completely inaccessible. Don’t let this fool you though, they are super lightweight and are perfect for any kind of jump or track you want to ride. Whether you’re into grass drops, BMX tracks, dirt jumps, off road trails, single track trails or downhill racing, dirt scooters will take you anywhere want to go...the world is your skatepark!

They might be new, but dirt scooters are already at the top of most kids’ wish-lists and their limitless boundaries means they’re a must-have for all scooter-addict adults too. Here at Toyz World, we make sure we’re always on the look-out for new crazes, that’s why we already have one of the best selections of dirt scooters you’ll find. Our range is top-notch and includes dirt scooters of varying prices, so there’s something for every adrenaline junky. If you’re after a bargain, we have some hot offers on Storm dirt scooters at the moment. Available in various designs, they not only look good on the track but they offer amazing durability and great control over all kinds of jumps and bumps. If you’re after something with a bit more bite, check out the Royal Scout Pro Dirt Scooter. The best Royal Dirt scooter on the market, it’s made with CroMoly steel and heat treated aluminum, which gives it awesome strength and durability.

If you’re on the lookout for a dirt scooter but you’re not sure which one will be best for you or your child, please do give us a call. We would be more than happy to give you some helpful tips and no-strings information.

Kids Scooters

Standard kids scooters are usually the ones you see flooding out of the school gates at 3:30pm. They are incredibly popular, simple to use and are absolutely fantastic fun for even the youngest of children.  The basic difference between standard kids scooters and other types of scooter on the market is they are specially designed for daily riding along pavements, in parks or for that brilliant school commute! They are perfect for travelling anywhere at any time and they are great for getting kids out and about in the fresh air. Kids scooters are generally designed for younger, lighter riders so they don’t need to be built of the tougher materials you will find on stunt or dirt scooters. Although they are ideal on tarmac and grass, kids scooters are extremely versatile and you will still see them in abundance at the local skate park. They are ideal for little riders who are keen to attempt their very first ramp or jump although they aren’t built to withstand some of the bigger drops and tricks more advanced riders take on. From the age of three years and upwards, the three-wheeled kids scooters are great for teaching balance and control. As they become more confident, the two-wheeled versions are perfect for kids to whizz around on. Look out for those with folding frames too, great for easy storage!

Here at Toyz World we LOVE everything scooter related and we have one of the very best selections of kids scooters you will find anywhere online. Our kids scooters start from just £24.95 and come in a range of colours and styles. If you’re looking for a first scooter for a tiny tot, the Ozbozz Trail Twister 3 Wheel Scooter and the Storm Tilt ‘n’ Turn Kids Scooter are great options. The three wheels provide great balance for beginners and the fixed heights make them really easy to steer and manoeuvre around bends. If you’re after a scooter that will adjust as your child grows, check out the Storm T-Bar Tilt ‘n’ Turn Kids Scooter. Complete with adjustable handle bars and a rear foot break, children simply have tilt their body to steer around corners and bends. It’s fabulously easy to ride and lovely and safe for little ones who are just getting the hang of scooter riding. If your child is over the age of 5 years or they have more experience of scooters, the Ozbozz Nebulus TX Kids Scooter and the Toyrific Kids Street Scooter certainly tick all the boxes. Too cool for school, these scooters are both made with sturdy metal foldable frames and come with adjustable handle bars. You’ll find them in a ton of colours too, so the tricky bit is getting them to choose just one!

 If you’re on the lookout for the perfect scooter for your child but you’re not sure which one to choose, please do just give us a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have. Call us on 08456051340.

Electric Scooters

Kids scooters are so popular and children love the fun and freedom that come with scooting down a hill or shooting over a ramp. But can you think of a way to make kids scooters even more exciting...we can...add some battery power!!! That’s exactly what many of the best scooter brands have done over recent years. They’ve taken the look and feel of the classic kids scooter and added a motor to create the very awesome kids electric scooter. These brilliant inventions give all the thrill of standard scooters without the need to gain power from little legs. Why would you pedal your car when you can have an engine?! The battery power allows children to travel so much further with a lot less effort and they are absolutely brilliant fun for any child...or adult come to that!

If your child has a need for speed and you’re looking for the perfect electric scooter, look no further than our great range here at Toyz World. For a brilliant buy at an even better price, check out the Storm Kids Electric Scooter. This is the best electric scooter you will find anywhere in its price range. Incredibly popular, it’s one of our top sellers and its battery power will take you up to 15km at speeds reaching 12kph! Featuring resilient air tyres and a metal foot plate, it’s ridiculously easy to assemble so they’ll be up, off and zooming away in no time.

 If you’re looking to find an electric scooter to perfectly match your child’s age, weight and capabilities, Razor have done all the work for you. A household name in the world of scooters, Razor have taken their years of expertise and produced a brilliant range of kids electric scooters – and we stock them all! Starting at £169.99 and going up to £269.95, the range includes scooters for children from the age of eight and upwards. For those on the younger side of the scale, the Razor E100 Kids Electric Scooter is a great option. With speeds of 10mph, this scooter is made of the top-notch materials Razor are so well known for and comes with a chain driven motor and great acceleration control.

If your child is over the age of 12, they are lucky enough to be the perfect fit for the next model in the range, the Razor E200 Electric Scooter. This great scooter comes with large tyres and will reach speeds of around 12mph. For those with a bigger budget, the Razor E200S Electric Scooter comes with everything its predecessor does but with the added addition of a detachable seat for a standing up or sitting down ride. This model is more than just a kids scooter, it’s a mode of transport and will travel for a full 45 minutes on one battery charge. The top-end of the Razor electric scooter range features the E300 Electric Scooter and the E300S Electric Seated Scooter. These little beauties are the cream of the crop and the most expensive in our shop. For the extra cash, you get the bonus of a very high spec motor and high speeds of up to 15mph. Perfect for kids and adults who need to get around, they are a very environmentally friendly alternative and you’ll feel the wind in your hair as you travel...perfect!

If you’re looking for an electric scooter for either your child or yourself, we are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you have. Please do give us a call on 08456051340