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Play Kitchens

It’s time to get out those wooden spoons, pots and pans! Don’t all kids just love to play ‘let’s pretend?' Opening up their little imaginations to big ideas and having the chance to be whoever or whatever they want to be. Play kitchens really are a great way to encourage pretend and social play while still having fantastic fun!! I’m sure we can all remember playing house with our friends, brothers and sisters and having a great time too. Help your kids create those special memories with their friends and family with a beautiful play kitchen from our butternut range of timeless wooden toys. Most of our play kitchens come fully equipped with all of the basic accessories that you need to be a true kitchen pro and with loads of play kitchen essentials built in such as a microwave, cooker, sink and storage cupboard what are you waiting for!! Go and get microwaving macaroni, baking a baguette, washing up a whisk or simply putting away a pot!


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