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Kids Electric Cars

Kids electric cars are more popular than ever, and are fast becoming the ‘must have’ toy for your toddler.  Here at Toyz World we source only the best manufacturers and bring you a wide range of electric cars for kids available in 6v or 12v battery variants and an assortment of colours and styles to suit any little driver with any budget.  Look out for the great value Storm kids ride on cars which are exclusive to Toyz world online so you really won’t find the same car anywhere else! Fully licensed kids electric cars including Range Rovers, Mercedes and Audis will give your little on the ultimate ride on experience with MP3 connection, parental remote, realistic sounds and more!

1) How long do they take to charge? 
This varies upon model but it is usually between 4-8 hours.
2) What is the difference between 6v and 12v?
There are a few differences between 6v and 12v the main one being the speed. A 12v Kids electric car will go approximately a maximum of 8.5km/h whereas a 6v electric car will go approximately  5km/h. Again this does vary from model to model so it is better to double check on each each product to be 100% sure. 
3) What is the main age range for kids electric cars?  
With our Kids Electric Cars we try to work from not only age but weight. The maximum weight for the majority of our kids cars is 50kg but this does vary upon the model of kids electric car. The age then depends on the weight and size of the child.
4) How long do they take to assemble?
Assembly is very quick for all of our Kids electric cars as the majoriry are already partly assembled. 
5) Do the electric cars come with a warranty?
All of our electric cars come with 6 Months major parts warranty excluding the battery. 
6) How long will the battery last on a Kids Electric Car?
This will vary depending on numerous factors. These include the terrain that the car is being used on, how heavy the child is and how much the battery has been charged for.  



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