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All kids love the school holidays but lets face it they all get bored after a week or two, so why not prevent that boredom with an outdoor toy? Toyz World specialize in Outdoor toys and Garden Games for the whole family. Not only are outdoor toys great fun but they are an amazing source of exercise.  We have a wide range of Outdoor Toys including bouncy castles, inflatable pools, playhouses, trampolines, climbing frames and swings from only the best manufactures including BeBop, Storm and Bestway. 


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Outdoor toys – the buying guide

Outdoor toys are a must for getting kids out and about and having fun in the fresh air. But if you’re after a bit more info on picking the best outdoor toy for your family, we’ve put together a quick guide with some useful hints and tips.

Ages and stages:

Whatever age your children are, there will be an outdoor toy that is just perfect for them. For the littlest of tots, playhouses can open a whole world of outside adventure. Children have amazing imaginations and younger children will have hours of fun inventing games in their playhouse. Whilst it might be a teahouse one day, you’ll find it’s a fairy’s castle or a pixie’s palace the next. Playhouses are also very versatile and are great for children to play in on their own, and also ideal for when their friends come to stay.

Trampolines and bouncy castles are also the perfect outdoor toys for younger children, and you will find you get years of use out of them as the fun will continue as they grow. In fact, we challenge YOU not to have a sneaky bounce whilst they’re not looking! Trampolines and bouncy castles also provide the perfect entertainment for children’s parties and, whilst the initial outlay might be a little higher, you will save an enormous amount of money owning your own bouncy castle rather than hiring one a number of times.

If you’re looking for an outdoor toy for slightly older children, inflatable water slides and pools and spas are just what you need. Inflatable water slides are just as their name suggests...water slides that bounce! They are so much fun and they can be used with or without water so it doesn’t have to be a hot summer’s day to use them. Water pools are spas are also perfect for kids big and small and, if you pick a lovely deep one, they are ideal for the whole family to hang out in. Here at Toyz World we have a number of great pools to choose from. Including some hot tubs that heat the water to a gorgeous 40 degrees...who says we need the sun to have fun!?

The Toyz World range:

Here at Toyz World we don’t like to brag, but quite frankly we have an absolute superb range of outdoor toys for kids big and small. We stock a great range of trampolines, bouncy castles, inflatable water slides and pools and spas. Not only that, but we have them in all different sizes, so there is sure to be something to suit most outside spaces. We also make sure all of our products are super easy to set-up because there’s nothing worse than having a gaggle of excited children stood next to you as you desperately try to unwrap a new toy! Our bouncy castles even blow up in less than 10 minutes.

Our best-sellers:

If you’re looking for recommendations, look no further than our best seller. Our 15ft single waterslide is our number one outdoor toy. Complete with splash pool, back climbing wall and safety arch, it provides endless fun...and it inflates in seconds! If you’re after the outdoor toy of the moment, have a look at our storm spin combo bouncy castle. This fabulous castle is our most popular outdoor toy right now and it’s easy to see why. With a slide, splash pool, bouncing area and a basketball hoop, it will provide hours of outdoor fun. 

We hope we’ve helped you choose your outdoor toy, but if you would like any other information or more in-depth details on any of our outdoor products, please do just give us call. We would love to chat 08456051340