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Kids Scooters

Not only are kid's Scooters are perfect way for your little one to travel but aiding balance and emphasising safety kids scooters are a great stepping stone for your child before moving onto a stunt or dirt scooter. Whether it's their very first Kids scooter or they just need an upgrade we have something for you including retro BMX Scooters, Y Slider scooters. Tilt and Turn Scooters are the perfect first scooter as it can help your little ones who haven't got to grips with turning yet.  Available in various colours and styles.  


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Kids Scooters

Kids scooters, or micro scooters as they are sometimes known, are clocking up millions of miles all over the country as they become the hottest toy of the moment for kids of all ages. In a world of computers and TV this news really makes us smile here at Toyz World because scooters are absolutely perfect for providing fun outside in the fresh air. The kid scooter phenomenon has seriously hit the UK in the past 5 years and if you’re running to keep up with your active kids, scooters are ideal for helping them burn off that mountain of well as making the walk to school all that more exciting.

Ages and stages

Unlike so many other toys, kids scooters seem to be equally popular with both boys and girls and are ideal from ages three years and upwards. For younger children, the scooters with three wheels provide a little extra balance and come with soft handlebar grips to ensure a safe ride. You’ll find these at great prices and here at Toyz World, our cheapest is the Ozbozz Trail Twister 3 Wheel Scooter at just £24.95. For slightly older children or those who are more familiar with kids scooters, the two-wheeled versions are ideal and they come with great sturdy frames so they’ll withstand all those bumps and bashes. Check out the Toyrific Kids Street Scooter at just £34.95. This comes with a handy folding frame to make it nice and easy to store away.

What to look out for when buying

Some kids scooters come with a fixed height for better manoeuvrability, but if you’re looking for a scooter that will grow with your child, check for an adjustable handlebar. If you think your child might be going at some speed on their scooter, it’s also a good idea to make sure it has a rear break. Have a few lessons in the garden or at the local park to get them familiar with using it before you let them loose. You’ll probably find yourself hurtling after them shouting BREAK!!! for a few days but they’ll soon get the hang of it.

Our best sellers

If you’re still not sure which kids scooter to choose, you can’t go wrong with our best-seller. The hottest thing on two/three wheels right now, the Ozbozz Trail Twister 3 Wheel Scooter.

We hope we’ve helped you choose your kids scooter, but if you would like any other information or more in-depth details on any of our products, please do just give us call on 08456051340. We would love to chat!