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Dirt Scooters

All new in 2013 we have Dirt Scooters taking scooters to the next level. You loved stunt scooters and you're bound to love these! Usually with full aluminium frames they are  incredibly strong and durable which makes them perfect for all the bumps and jumps!  Don't be fooled by the name dirt scooters, the majority have no restrictions with its frame being similar to that of a stunt scooter with bmx style handle bars and their oversized tyres they can be used on or off road, skate park, downhill racing and trail riding! 

1) What is the difference between Stunt and Dirt Scooters?
The main difference of a dirt scooter is the wheels. On a Dirt Scooter you have off road tyres which enable you to be able to go wherever you want including skate parks and dirt trails.
2) What is the age limit For Dirt Scooters?
There's is no real age limit for Dirt Scooters however there is a weight limit of usually around 100kg but the exact weight limit will be stated on the product descriptions.
3)Can Dirt Scooters be used on normal pavements and roads?
Yes they can, however the tyres are specifically designed for off road use 

  • Storm Purple Dirt Scooter

    Purple Storm Dirt Scooter
    ALU Deck, caged bearings, Off Road tyres and Pro Triple Scooter Clamp create a smooth...

    (7 Reviews)

    RRP: £229.95

    Our Price: £64.95

  • Storm Metallic Dirt Scooter

    Metallic Storm Dirt Scooter
    Storm Metallic Dirt Scooter with fender brake and rubber hand grips for extra control...

    (5 Reviews)

    RRP: £229.95

    Our Price: £79.95

  • Storm Orange Dirt Scooter

    Orange Storm BMX Dirt Scooter
    All NEW to 2014 Storm BMX Style Dirt Scooter has no limits, no restrictions use it wh...

    (4 Reviews)

    RRP: £199.95

    Our Price: £79.95

  • Origin Dirt Scooter

    2013 Dirt Scooter - Orange/Black
    New for the UK in 2013 - Our range of Dirt Scooters have been designed specifically t...

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