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Scooters and Skate

Scooters, skates and skateboards have seen a massive increase in popularity from kids in the last 2 years, with the advent of electric, stunt scooters and retro skateboards the craze is bigger than ever. Here at Toyz world we try and cater for all ages and standards of riders. We have the best range of makes and models, such as Storm Stunt Scooters, Electric Scooters for Kids, Osprey Skates, Dirt Scooters and Krunk Retro Skateboards.

1) What's the difference between a stunt scooter and kick scooter?
The main difference is that  a stunt scooter has 360 degree handle bar/fork rotation. Another difference is made obvious in the name Stunt Scotoers are for tricks and stunts whereas a kick scooter is not.
2) What is the best kids scooter for my child?
This depends on the childs age, weight and what they actually want. A Stunt Scooter is usually for 6 and over there is no real maximum age but a maximum weight this can be found on each seperate product descriptions. A tilt n turn kids scooter is for better for younger children who haven't mastered the art of balance. Dirt Scooters are similar with age and weight as a stunt scooter however it ultimately comes down what the child actually wants. 
3) Are Dirt Scooters and Stunt Scooters the same? 
No, they are very different Dirt Scooter consist of a lightweigh durable fork, deck and off road tyres this allows the rider to go anywhere they want whether it be dirt trail or skate park. A Stunt Scooter is really only for road and park use, it can not be used off road or on dirt trails. 
4) Do any of the scooters come with warranties?
All our scooters come with a 6 months manufacturer warranty.
5)What is a retro skateboard?
Our retro skateboards follow the 70's cruiser style skateboard. This consists of a much smaller plastic deck which is shaped slightly different to your modern skateboard.