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Children's Beds

As we all know, getting your children to bed isn't always the easiest time of the day, in fact it can sometimes be quite difficult.  If we can make bedtime fun then getting your children to bed may become that little bit easier. With our fantastic range of Children's beds, like our racing car bed, which is now availble with working headlights and working headlights & sounds, your little ones will be racing up the stairs without you even asking. From the Storm racing car bed to the Be Happy children's bed your kids will be ready to snuggle up for a full nights sleep. Catering for all aged children our beds range from cot beds to toddler beds to junior beds. 

1) What size are the childrens beds? 
This depends on each individual bed, this information can be found on the product descriptions. Our most popular is the Storm Kids Racing Car Bed which is a European sized toddler bed. This is smaller than your standard single bed.  
2) What age do the beds go up to?
Rather than go by an age we try to advise customers to go by the weight and size of a child due. The maximum weight for the majority of our beds is 40kg. All dimensions and maximum weights of the children's bed's are stated on each individual product description.
3) Where is the best place to get bedding?
Due to the size of the majority of our beds normal single sized bed sheets will not fit. We have found that the best place to get the correct and best quality ones from is IKEA.
4) How do the working headlights work on the Storm Racing Car Bed?
As an optional extra we now offer models of the Storm Racing Car Bed with working realistic headlights. These are pluged into the mains and are controlled by a push button on the bed itsself. 


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Children's Beds

Do you know how much sleep your children should be getting in their children’s beds? Here is a rough guide from the NHS. A 4 year old, 11.5 hours. A 5 year old, 11 hours. A 6 year old, 10.75 hours. A 7 year old, 10.5 hours. A 8 year old, 10.25 hours. A 9 year old, 10 hours. And a 10 year old should be getting 9.75 hours sleep. That’s a lot of time to be spending in there children’s beds, so you would think it would have to be a good one! You can not predict what they will be dreaming about, but you can at least give them a cosy and loving environment to wake up to, be it from a good dream or a bad dream. Children’s beds are clearly a large part of there life growing up as they nearly spend half the day in there bed, so picking the right one is a big choice.