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Inflatable Water Slides

Turn your own back garden into an exciting water park with one of our inflatable water slides. These bouncy slides can be used with or without water and are great fun for the whole family. Here at Toyz World we have a fabulous selection of inflatable water slides in a variety of sizes to suit most outside spaces. For smaller gardens, the 15ft inflatable water slide can be set-up in seconds and comes with a big slash pool. Turn it into a ball pit for cooler days or fill it with water for a thrilling splash down! For larger gardens, the 22ft double inflatable water slide is an absolute must. This brilliant bouncy beauty will make you the coolest parent ever! With a huge slide, inflatable safety arch, climbing wall and a massive splash pool you will be making glorious outdoor memories for years to come. 

1) How long does it take to inflate the water slides?
Our inflatable water slides take under 5 minutes to fully inflate, simply attach the blower fan, which stays on during use, and plug it in.  To deflate you simply detach the blower fan and allow the air to escape, easy!

2) Is it easy to store the inflatable water slide away?
Most of the water slides that we stock come fully equipped with a handy carry/storage bag, and they fold away neatly for easy storage in a cool dry place.  We always advise that you keep the item inflated until it is completely dry before folding away as storing the item damp can damage cause the material to weaken over time. 

3) What do I need to get started?
All of our inflatable water slides come all inclusive with everything that you need.  You will receive the inflatable, the blower fan, anchor pegs, repair kit and on most come with the carry bag (the product description on each individual item will give you the complete information)

4) How does the inflatable stay blown up?
All of our inflatable water slides stay attached to the blower fan during use, so there is a constant flow of air flowing through the item keeping it blown up!

5) How many children can play on the inflatable water slide?
Each of our inflatable water slides will have their own weight limits and maximum number of users, remember the maximum number of users will also be dependent on the ages and sizes of the children playing.  Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety reasons. Please refer to each individual models product page for more information.

6) I’m having a party soon, how long will it take to deliver?
As long as the item is in stock you will receive your inflatable water slide the next working day following receipt of your confirmation of dispatch email.  To qualify for same day dispatch and next working day delivery your order needs to be placed before 1pm.

7) How long will my inflatable water slide last?
As long as you follow all of the safety instructions and manufacturers guidelines your inflatable water slide will last for years!

8) What do I use to clean my water slide?
Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt and your water slide will last for summers to come.
Never use any type of detergent to clean your water slide as this can seriously damage and dissolve the bonding between the nylon and PVC and cause the material to decay.

9) Are these large inflatable water slides really safe to play on?
As with all outdoor toys where water and height is concerned, adult supervision at all times is essential for safe play.  All of our inflatables have ben rigorously tested but please make sure that your kids understand the importance of playing sensibly and safely.


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