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Bouncy Castles For Sale

Toyz world have a huge range of bouncy castles for sale, stocking the amazing brands of Storm, BeBop and Duplay. A few years ago it would have been unheard of to own such an item but with new manufacturing processes we can now offer bouncy castles for sale to suit any size garden, with sizes ranging from 9ft to a massive 22ft. Why hire for a few days when you can buy one for your children to enjoy for years to come?  These innovative home use bouncy castles give families the opportunity to use their inflatable all summer long for barbecues, kids parties and sleepovers. 

1)How easy are the bouncy castles to inflate and deflate?
All of our bouncy castles are really easy to inflate, you simply plug in the fan, attach the air flow and you will be ready in minutes! To deflate simply turn off the fan detach the airflow and allow the bouncy castle to deflate on its own before rolling up and storing away!

2) How should bouncy castles be stored?
Once the bouncy castle has been used let the item fully deflate before attempting to store away.  If you have used the item on damp grass never store away a bouncy castle until it is completely dried out and they are best stored in a cool and dry place. Most of our range now comes with a free carry bag but it will be stated on the product description if the item does include the carry bag.

3) How do I keep my bouncy castle clean?
The best way to keep a bouncy castle clean is to wipe with a damp cloth.  Never use detergent to clean the bouncy castles as this will damage the material, ensure that all users are not wearing shoes as well as this can not only dirty the item, but could cause tears in the fabric.

4) Will my product come with a warranty?
The electric fan comes with a 6 month warranty. We also offer a repair service for the unlikely event of a tear or rip happens.

5) Can you use the bouncy castles with water?
The majority of our bouncy castles can be used with water however this will be clearly stated on the individual product descriptions.   Do not attempt to use water if the item you have purchased is not designed to be used this way, this could cause the item to misshapen and can permanently damage the material

6) How do the bouncy castles stay inflated?
All of our bouncy castles for sale have an electric fan included which needs to be plugged in at all times.  This will keep the item inflated while they are in use.

7) What is the maximum weight limit for the bouncy castles?
This varies from model to model. You will be able to find the estimated maximum weights limit of each bouncy castle on their product descriptions.

8) Does the castle stay inflated with small holes?
Yes! As the bouncy castles that we sell have a constant flow of air small holes will not affect the performance of the item.  We do also supply a repair kit with all of our inflatables so should an accident happen you can usually repair the item at home.


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Bouncy Castles For Sale

The NHS recommends our kids have at least one hour of exercise every day. In theory that doesn’t sound too bad. But in a world of computers and TV, it can be tricky dragging them outside. Worry no more because we have the solution. Everyone loves to bounce. Fact. So what better way to get their hearts pumping than having an absolute blast on a bouncy castle!? That measly hour of exercise will be gone in no time and you’ll all have some great memories to go with it.

With so many different styles and sizes there really is a bouncy castle for sale to suit most outside spaces. And with the cost of them nowadays, it’s often cheaper to buy one than to hire one meaning you’ll have it there ready for birthdays, BBQ’s and just brilliant family fun days for years to come. Here at Toyz World we have one of the best selections you’ll find. Whether you’re after one with a slide, one with a ball pit, one with a water zone or a good old fashioned one that looks just like magical castle, we have the lot.