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Kids Electric Cars

Kids Electric Cars have been on a massive wave of popularity recently, becoming the big thing for all kids to have. Here at Toyz World we have carefully picked only the best kids electric cars from only the best manufacturers. Kids electric cars come usually in two formats, 6 volt kids cars which use one 6v battery to power 1 motor and 12 volt kids cars which use either 1 large 12v battery or two 6v batteries to power 2 motors. The speed of kids electric car is determined by the size of the battery. We are here to help so please give us a call if you would like some more information on the products.

1) How long do they take to charge? 
This varies upon model but it is usually between 4-8 hours.
2) What is the difference between 6v and 12v?
There are a few differences between 6v and 12v the main one being the speed. A 12v Kids electric car will go approximately a maximum of 8.5km/h whereas a 6v electric car will go approximately  5km/h. Again this does vary from model to model so it is better to double check on each each product to be 100% sure. 
3) What is the main age range for kids electric cars?  
With our Kids Electric Cars we try to work from not only age but weight. The maximum weight for the majority of our kids cars is 50kg but this does vary upon the model of kids electric car. The age then depends on the weight and size of the child.
4) How long do they take to assemble?
Assembly is very quick for all of our Kids electric cars as the majoriry are already partly assembled. 
5) Do the electric cars come with a warranty?
All of our electric cars come with 1 years major parts warranty excluding the battery. 



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