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Stunt Scooters

Kids Stunt Scooters  are the new craze that has hit the streets. With more and more skate-parks showing up, someone needs to be fitting out the kids with the best, and affordable, stunt scooters, like our full range of Storm Stunt Scooters and that's where we step in! Our range of Stunt Scooters, cater for everyone; from beginner to advanced riders. All storm stunt scooters feature robust designs and durable materials, If you're looking for the best quality stunt scooter for the best price than there is no need to look further. 

1) What is the best beginner stunt scooter?
There are many stunt scooters which we sell which are great for beginners. All Storm Stunt Scooters are great for all levels of experience not just beginners.  
2) What is meant by ABEC Bearing?
ABEC is just a type of bearing. ABEC bearings come in 5 different classes, 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The higher the ABEC class the better efficiency, precision is as well as higher speed capabilities. 
3) What is the maximum weight Stunt Scooters can take?
This depends on the stunt scooter it's self. However Storm Stunt Scooters have a maximum weight of 100kg which is roughly just under 16 stone.  
4) Can they fit stunt pegs?
Yes certain brands of stunt pegs will fit Storm Stunt Scooters.  


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Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters are a craze that has hit the UK like no other toy has done in a long time. Wander past the local skate park or walk by any school at 3:30 and you’ll see exactly what we mean. They’re everywhere and kids love them! And in an era of TV and technology the thing we love most about stunt scooters is the fact they were invented over 100 years ago. Around 1987, a very clever BMX manufacture called Scoot took the wooden mode of transport and made it into the recognisable scooter we see today. From then on we need to thank our friends in the US who have designed, tweaked, polished and tested the fabulous scooters that have flooded the UK in the past few years.

So, where to begin when looking for the perfect stunt scooter? Whether they’re a complete stunt pro or an absolute beginner there’s a scooter out there to suit every child. We have a great selection here at Toyz World from some of the best brands on the market including Storm, Madd Gear, Osprey and Razor. If you’re not sure which scooter would suit your child or you have any questions at all, please do give us a call or drop us a line. We’re not guaranteeing we can explain the difference between a ‘Whiplash’ and a ‘Twist-up’ but we know what’s what in the world of stunt scooters.