The Toyz World Back to School Checklist

Toyz World Back to School Checklist

With September only weeks away and the summer holidays winding down, it’s hard to comprehend where the time has gone. At the start of the 6 week break, it felt like the children were going to be at home forever, but those weeks have gone in the very blink of an eye.

For many children September marks a monumental milestone, they are starting school. They are leaving the pre-school days behind them, and embarking on a journey that will see them through until they are young adults. I don’t know about you, but this just makes my jaw want to drop to the floor.

Maybe it’s the denial of not wanting to accept how the years have just flown by? Maybe it’s the bitter sweet taste I have in my mouth of dropping my 4 year old off at school for the first time, and watching him walk into his classroom where so many new and alien influences are going to shape and mould him into the person that he will become. I know that he is going to age before my eyes in those first few months in the school environment, and I know that it’s all part and parcel of growing up.

Maybe it’s not wanting to let go of those days where we had all of the time in the world to just pick up and go wherever the day may take us…underneath whatever it is I am feeling about the imminent school days, Leo doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. If anything it is only pure excitement that flickers across his face whenever the subject comes up, no worry, just pure enthusiasm for the school year that will soon be starting.

How are your little one’s feeling about the start of this new venture?

Back to school shopping has been in full swing over the last few weeks. That alone has proven interesting, it’s like the whole world has gone crazy for tailored trousers and polo shirts! If there is one thing that I have discovered it’s that, kitting a child out for their first day of school is no easy feat, and it costs a pretty penny too.

Shopping for everything you need sooner rather than later has its benefits, it means that you can spread the cost and get to work adding your child’s name to absolutely everything that you can imagine early on, so that when they join the ranks of all the other children (In exactly the same uniform!) your child’s clothing can be easily identified. You may feel like a crazed person with a label gun, but you will thank yourself later on. Of course most importantly getting everything you need at the start of the summer holiday means that you aren’t going to stress yourself out, as let’s face it you will be filled with so many emotions on that very first day, we definitely don’t want to add ‘stressed’ to that list.

I found that getting Leo involved in the purchasing process has really helped him get excited and assisted in preparing him for what is to come. He has chosen his own school bag, lunch box, and even his own school shoes. After all he is the one that all this is for, so it made sense to me to give him the right to choose. I think it’s a great way to help ease any anxiety that may be felt, and make it a fun experience that they can look forward to.

An aspect that Leo has really loved is that he is going to be able to take his scooter to school, it’s a little walk from the car park to the school gates, so we decided that it would be nice if he could scoot it along with many of the other children who scoot or bike to school on a daily basis. The school even have a designated area for the children to safely secure them during the academic day, which makes the decision to let Leo take his kids scooter in that much easier.

I have finally got to the end of my shopping list, does yours look anything like this one?

The Toyz World Back to School Checklist

School Uniform

- 4 x Polo Shirts

- 4 x White Shirts

- 1 x School Fleece

- 2 x School Jumpers with School Logo

- 2 x School Trousers

- 4 x Vests

- School Shoes

- Socks


PE Kit

- 2 x Polo Shirts

- 2 x Sports Shorts

- 1 x Sports Pumps

- 2 x Sports Socks

- Water Bottle

- Sports Bag


The School Run

- Winter Coat

- Lightweight Rain Coat

- Kids Scooter



- Pencils

- Crayons

- Sharpener

- Rubber



- Lunch Box

- Rucksack

- Book Bag

- Name Labels

Have you now finished your back to school shopping? Are we all ready for the start of the new school term!?

Ultimately this next step is a big one for you and your child, this next year is going to see them learning to read, and I can’t help but get a little excited about this. Hearing your child read may just go down as one of my proudest parenting moments in the history of parenting moments! They really are going to transform into little people, their knowledge is going to blossom and if you think they have an answer for everything now… You just wait.




We have a ‘Jump Crazy’ and WIN a Bouncy Castle WINNER!

BeBop Wizards Den Bouncy Castle

BeBop Wizards Den Bouncy Castle

A few months ago we received word from BeBop headquarters with a very important task. That task was to get as many of you involved in our ‘Jump Crazy’ photo competition as possible and provide you all with a rather amazing opportunity. One of you was going to WIN their very own BeBop Wizards Den Bouncy Castle worth £249.95!

All you had to do to be in with a chance of winning was have fun, GO CRAZY, enjoy yourself and finally send your photos into the Toyz World Competition Page and share your creations on any social network using the hashtag #JumpCrazy!

We have absolutely loved receiving all of your photos, and to say that we adored each and every one of them is an understatement. They were all fantastic! I know that the guys over at BeBop had a really hard time trying to narrow it down to just one, because there were just so many that made us smile!

Suzanne Heath was the winner of the ‘Jump Crazy’ Photo Competition with this fantastic action shot!

BeBop Bouncy Castle Winner

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to absolutely everyone of you who took the time to enter, and we hope that Suzanne and her family enjoy their shiny new Wizards Den Bouncy Castle over the remainder of the summer!

The Toyz World Top 50 Summer Activities…To Stay Sane

Things to do with the children in the Summer Holidays

The kids are at home for 6 WHOLE weeks

They are in the kitchen, the lounge…Your bedroom…Your face…They are even in the toilet!

Yes. The kids are at home for 6 WHOLE WEEKS!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s so nice to have that extra time with them but is it just me feeling like a switch has flipped and turned their attitudes to mud? It’s like my four old has transitioned from the sweet and fun little man that he always is, into a whingy and whiney child I hardly recognise.

I have tried hiding all over the house. He finds me…Every time. I had no idea a 4 year old could have so much to complain about, but it’s surprising how much they seem to find and tell you about. Over and over, on repeat in that whiney tone that can’t help but chip away at you…Bit by bit and day by day…

‘I don’t want to wear shorts, they make me bleed!’ All because one time he scraped his knee…

‘I can’t walk anymore! My feet hurt…I will sit in the road, carry me!’ At least 5 times a day…

‘I want juice!’

‘I NEED juice!’ X 500 at all hours…day or night!

‘I want doughnut for BREAKFAST!’ Keep dreaming boy!

‘I want to go to the park’ X 100…

‘Tuck me in!’ while crying hysterically at 5am…

‘Wake up Mummy! It’s Morning!’ While repeatedly poking you in the face just shy of 6am…

‘No school today Mummy…School’s closed!’ X 50…Thanks for reminding me again…

And finally…. ‘I’m BORED!’ Every hour on the hour, Monday through to Sunday.

These are just a few instances that come to mind within the first week of the summer holidays. Whether it has been because the weather has quite simply been a let-down, and summer so far has actually felt more like autumn, it has spurred me into action to break the cycle, and that’s exactly why I have come up with the Toyz World Top 50 Summer Activities to keep little man busy and to keep me…well. Sane.

Chasing Waves at the beach

  1. Go to the cinema and watch Disney Pixars Inside Out.
  2. Go on a bike ride
  3. Go to the park
  4. Feed the ducks
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Chase waves
  7. Collect sea shells on the beach
  8. Make a sandcastle
  9. Have a water fight
  10. Visit soft play (when all else fails!)
  11. Host play dates
  12. Have a summer party in the garden
  13. Enjoy a weekend away
  14. Go bowling
  15. Go out for dinner
  16. Play hide and seek
  17. Go swimming
  18. Play miniature golf
  19. Go horse riding
  20. Go to the woods
  21. Have a picnic
  22. Go camping
  23. Roast marshmallows on a camp fire
  24. Have a BBQ
  25. Stargaze in the garden
  26. Go on a boat ride
  27. Visit the zoo
  28. Visit London
  29. Take a flight on the London Eye
  30. Visit the Science Museum
  31. Visit Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the guard
  32. Hop on a sightseeing bus and tour the capital
  33. Bake a cake
  34. Paint the path with water and make mess free fun
  35. Make a mud pie (for lots of mess fun)
  36. Visit the pond and look for frogs
  37. Build a den in the garden
  38. Go on a creepy crawly hunt
  39. Have a treasure hunt
  40. Make texture rubbings of leaves
  41. Visit a castle
  42. Visit Family
  43. Have a movie night with popcorn
  44. Visit LEGOLAND
  45. Visit the farm
  46. Visit the steam railway
  47. Find a local toy library
  48. Visit Go Ape
  49. Visit Cadbury Land
  50. Laser Tag

British Summer

Schools out for summer!

Storm Y Slider Scooter

Schools have officially broken up for the summer holidays, and children now have 6 whole weeks of freedom opening up before them. Do you remember that feeling? Having nothing but time in front of you, knowing that there was no more school until September.  All the time in the world to visit friends or just bask in the summer days, because you had no worries, no responsibilities, no distractions, only dreams for your next adventure…

I have many treasured memories from my childhood, many of which took place in the summer while school was nothing but a distant memory in my mind. I remember picnics, making mud pies, riding my bike in completely miss matched clothes I picked out for myself… building dens and camping out under the stars. Everything I loved about the summer happened in the great outdoors where we pushed our boundaries and made our own fun. We climbed hay bales and caught newts, much to our parent’s dismay and sometimes absolute horror, especially when one or two may have found their way into the house… Just casting my mind back to those times paints a big smile onto my face.

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Toyz World Top 5 tips on how to become a Birthday Super Hero!

Toyz World Top 5 Tips on how to become a Birthday Super Hero!

We have just had a birthday in our house and every year the planning seems to step up a notch, with that incline is more effort and grafting to make all of those birthday dreams come true. Whether it’s unicorns, water slides, bikes, dragons, games consoles or even a baby crocodile at the top of the everyday list of birthday requests you may find in your hands, you know early on that some goals are within your parenting superpowers, and that others without a shadow of a doubt are only possible in the realms of Peter Pan and Neverland… regardless of just how super human you feel. Continue reading